In January 2017 a group of interested residents in Hamlyn Heights and Herne Hill got together to talk about growing food in their home gardens and creating an urban food forest.
Out of this was born the inspiration to make urban food forest the first stage of a larger plan to create Geelong’s first Transition Street in McCurdy Rd. 
 Transition Street McCurdy Rd, is the first step towards a repeatable model for Transition Geelong and it was officially launched in Herne Hill on May 7th 2017, during International Permaculture Day.
We also have a Facebook page for you to interact with us and share your ideas for Transition Streets across the entire City of Greater Geelong.

We are currently undertaking education in Permaculture as it forms the basis for designing and implementing the chapters in the excellent workbook compiled by the Newcastle Transition Streets Group in NSW (see below for download).
Transition Streets work through five main elements in small groups within a street over a number if months.
These include, Water, Energy, Food, Transport, Waste and Consumption.
We are excited and optimistic about the Transition Street project and hope that you are inspired to join us as we move towards a more sustainable, strong and resilient community in Hamlyn Heights, Herne Hill and across the entire Geelong region.

There are other Transition groups in Geelong that are focusing on the important topics of sustainability, building resilience and preparing for a future with reduced reliance on diminishing natural resources. We are hoping to interact with them more over coming months as we build a strong Transition community in McCurdy Rd.
Here are some links to other Transition groups in the Geelong region;

This website is a portal for contact and messages between members of the McCurdy group and any other interested parties.
Please join us in this exciting and rewarding step towards a collaborative and enjoyable future for our neighbourhood and the  City of Greater Geelong.

To find out more about Transition Streets and the exciting potential that this project has for Geelong, please take a look at the workbook that outlines the model very well. This is a 30MB file download.


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Please let us know if you have any ideas or inspirations for community projects in your area related to sustainable energy and transition street activities.
Also use this contact form if you would like to join us in our permaculture training over coming months or are interested in starting your own Transition Street group in Geelong.

You can find us at:
​McCurdy Rd Herne Hill